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18th July 2007

The Rotaract Club of Aberdeen had their end of year barbecue on june 19. I just managed to upload the pictures now. Have a look into the gallery.

2nd July 2007

I'm on my way

Now I'm on my final trip to conclude the stay in Scotland. I started in Glasgow and went on to Sterling for two days where I stayed with Michael. Now I'm just at Fort William and waiting for time to head off towards Stornoway. I'm not telling very much at the moment because there is just too much to say and will write more and show some pictures once there is time to do so.

Just that much for now: I'm absolutely enjoying my trip and I'm very busy sightseeing, hiking and socialicing.

16th June 2007

Credits at uni

Yesterday I found out that the external examiners must have agreed with my extraordinary way of examination writing essays instead of the exam and having the resit of the ODE-lecture already that early.
I found the results in my studentportal and am really proud and quite surprised that they were that good.

I got 20 for my project on fractal geometry I did in the first semester, 19 for the ODE and 18 for the projects on representation theory and on Lie algebras. That's all out of a scale from 1 to 20.

Going to leave for St Andrews soonish and am really looking for to it.

14th June 2007


Yesterday the Rotary Club around Aberdeen organized the so called "KidsOut"-Day. At this day they invite about 500 special-needs children to the Craibstone S.A.R. park for a fun day out of school. Including their teachers there are almost 500 helpers around on the day.
There is a program for the children including bouncy castles, magicians, pony riding, football and many other things. At 9 o'clock in the morning Alistair and I picked up a group of nine children and six teachers accompanying them at their school. Together we went on to Craibstone. There we first organized some snacks for the kids and teachers. The kids all got a bag already prepared and the teachers had a choice of tea and coffee and rowies, pancakes or scones. Alistair got the things for the kids and I took the orders for the teachers. After I had brought the drinks I went to get the food. When I came back there was only Alistair around but no trace of the kids and their teachers. It took us nearly fifteen minutes to find them at one of the magicians right at the other end of the area where they were meant to be.
As the kids were very well behaved Alistair and I had hardly any work to do. So we just tried to be there in case we were needed. But I only had to look after one of the kids for a short moment, when he wanted to go somewhere else than most of the others. But I should still get some work to. When some of our group wanted to play football with some of the players of Aberdeen FC, a Rotarian and I were ordered to be keepers for the game.
For lunch the kids got chicken nuggets and chips. They also got some ice cream for dessert. The helpers got some sandwiches and ice cream, too.
After lunch there was a big outdoor disco for the kids and helpers to finish off the program.
Although it was raining most of the time it was a lot of fun. The kids are waterproof anyway.:-)

I also met John who had promised to take me to St Andrews and we will go there on Saturday. I might go to the museum at Marishal College tomorrow and for the rest of the time that I'm staying here, I will have to write my report about the year.

It has been great fun and my big trip is yet to come!!!

9th June 2007

Moving flats

As term has finished most people left Hillhead today and everybody who stayed had to change flats to their vacation flats. So this was a day of never-ending waiting. Unfortunately once more the university or the halls whoever you want to blame showed that they are not able to plan things sensible. Everybody had to leave their flats by 10 o'clock this morning. That was what I was told yesterday. When I was starting to bring my things to the central building I was now told that the people who are staying, i.e. me for example, would only need to have their things ready for moving by 10 and should leave the stuff in the flat until they would be handed the keys for the new flat. This was meant to be at about 11 o'clock. However, as I had thought anyway, this didn't work out. So we should be back between 12 and 1 o'clock to be told then that we could get the keys by 2 o'clock.
When they finally handed over the keys the queue was so long that I couldn't be bothered to go for the key immediately. So I first helped Vitali to move his belongings and queued after that to get my key.
After we had also moved my things and got everything sorted out we had some lunch. Then I went shopping and now I'm updating the journal.
I don't know yet what I will do tomorrow, but the beginning of next week will be quite busy. I will have a presentation on monday, an appointment with the doctor on tuesday and on wednesday I will help with KidsOut which is a Rotary charity were they invite pupils to an agricultural entertainment parc.
That's it for now.
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